Sticker Collection

kawaii-100-pcs-sticker-sack-Egypt-Pharaoh-snack-180812-4So today I decided to start my first collection ever. It will be all about stickers and also Ancient Egypt stuff, but I will write about the letter at another post.

For quite sometime I have a beautiful notebook, the one with a gorgeous cover and beautiful pages, I decided to keep it as a diary but that’s too private and anybody could found it and read everything.¬† Besides my hand writing is ugly and somewhat sloppy, it would be an offense to the beautiful pages.

The other idea I had was to print pictures from my laptop and glue stick them on the paper but that’s too common, boring and the pages would lose their quality (most likely I wouldn’t be able to used the back paper cause glue = wrinkles.

So I went to the internet and look up some cool collection ideas. I really like the one about collecting paper money from other countries. But I found collections such as coins, books, etc to heavy, expensive and space.

So I decided to go and have sticker collection with gorgeous stickers I would find when I go to certain stores. I found this idea really good.

1. You can express yourself (what you like or want,places you want to go or places you went, feelings or moods, inspiration,stuff you like, etc)

2. Easy to carry around (You can buy any notebook you want and place the sticker in them, it will be no problem finding a place for it at your house,car or luggage)

3.They are pretty much inexpensive ( Seriously I went to the internet and to a few stores that carry them, prices range between $0.97 to $2.50 and you get an entire section of stickers from 15 pieces to 57 pieces, now that’ really cheap)

4.You can basically collect anything ( Your collection can be about anything, maybe you only want stickers with cars,flowers,animals, or a little bit of everything which is what I am aiming for. It is like doing two or three collections instead of one)

5.They are easy to find but not that easy ( I like when collections take time to do it and you thing whether you want such thing in your collection or not, even though they are easy to find  at least for me it is hard to find the right one for my collection)

I will post pictures of my collection when I have time and also about the stickers I brought and where you can find it. I can’t wait to start my new collection.