I love you mom…♥

With tears on my eyes, while sending a message : Te amo, mama. I realized that I never told such powerful words to the greatest, loveliest and wonderful woman she is. Mom, I also want you to know I’m the luckiest girl in the whole universe for having such a loving, patience and wise woman. I aspire day by day to become like you… I love you


With a little strength and time…

and maybe, maybe a change won’t be bad after all. Maybe this is the time to let go and allowed myself to be the strong and happy person I’m suppose to be…

All I know is that for now I’am settling for less, and even though is love is a toxic love, which makes me unhappy. Life is too short to settle for an unhappy love.

It won’t be easy, it will be hearth-wrenching and hurtful but it will be worth it.



(Pharmacy) Drive-Thru : The Root Of All Evil

keep-calm-and-hate-drive-thru   So I work in a retail pharmacy for about two years now. Like many of us, we had no choice but start getting  experience at the bottom of the latter where nobody takes your side and you are not even consider to the most basic right which is RESPECT from your own specie. I have been two years working as a pharmacy tech and I am ready to move on. I can’t take it anymore. This is coming from a person who really doesn’t care what people think or say of me and I am very patient with rude ass**** costumers. I honestly don’t care about your problem. Why would I when I see how much you don’t care about it. At the end, we ALL hate drive-thru.

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