Surplus Princess aka “Little Mermaid” Review


So, I was navigating on Viki looking for something new to watch and it just haapen to pop up this drama. I have always since I was a little girl interested in mermaids so I decided to click on it not hoping for too much…


Summary: Ha-Ni (Jo Bo-Ah) is a mermaid. For a man she is in love with, she becomes a human being and begins to live at the Ingyeo House. The house is for people who are preparing to land their first jobs. To permanently become a human being, Ha-Ni must make the man love her within 100 days.


The Cast

The Cast

About the cast I don’t really have any complains mainly cause I’m only into my OTP of this show as of now…. I will only review about these two. So if you expect a more deep review about the other characters then this is not what you are looking for… Sorry!!!




Kim Ha Ni - Eileen

Kim Ha Ni – Eileen


¬†Eileen was born in 1990 (25 years old) mermaid. She is a mermaid with a smartphone waterproof. Loves drama and online shopping.She has a crush on Kwan Si Kyung for about 6 moths, which she considers is way sexier than Manager Do in You Who Came From The Star. She spies on him while filming his TV cooking show close to the sea. She is a fun , genuine, pervert girl and the best of all she is secure of herself, knows what she wants and goes for it…



Kwan Si Kyung

Kwan Si Kyung

Kwan Si Kyung was born in 1981 (31 years old)…Whaaaattt!!! My baby looks like a high school graduate student… Excuse me!!! He looks so young. Anyways, well he decide to go to the US and becomes and extraordinary chef in New York. (Seriously why almost all the characters in K-drama when they leave far away is always the US. If he is a Chef I’m sure you could send him to French or Italy popular countries cause of their foods). He is a perfectionist,loves to be praise and portrays himself like a mysterious man.I feel he is trying to hide something cause on the elevator scene he look at his reflection in a “creepy ” way and then he send at text message on his phone.



If you don’t want to see the spoilers then here is my conclusion. If not, then you are welcome to keep reading.

Conclusion: I would recommend anybody to watch the drama even if we do not ship the same couple… This drama is hilarious, you would start cracking up the whole show. The main heroine is relatable to us even though she is a mermaid.


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