Going back to my old self

reading a book  Lately I have been missing my old self or maybe I’m just missing the time I used to have to read books. I believe is the later. I miss the smell of brand new or used books, the heavy or light weight on my arms, the fact I could take them anywhere and read everywhere. I miss spending days and nights juts curious of what would happen next. I miss reading them. For years at my birth country I was the girl who every year got the award of “the student who read the most books”. No wonder since I was little I fell in love with each one of them, whether good or bad they would always make you experience someone else life , emotions and feelings.

Once I enter college and started working it was obvious that I have to sacrifice this love of mine for a couple of years. Yes, I read some books online but they just doesn’t feel right. But today I finally decided to visit my closest public library in search of some books. I believe this new year would allowed me more time for them since I would in a few months be a part-time at my job.


So I finally decide to pick up four books just to start with and I decided to make a list as well talk about my reading experience of them in here but they are a couple of factors we have to take into account:

  1.  I’ m a HUGE romance lover… So, I believe 98% of my books will be about love. I do like sometimes cheese stuff, and sometimes rather predictable books. I just can’t help it … Romance is my weakness.
  2. I’ m also a huge of paranormal love as I like to call it or medieval love books. I love the whole idea of a normal boy/girl falling in love with an angel/ghost/any of these type of creatures. Sorry, I can’t help it. The same thing with medieval type of love. I love the whole thing about those times and how a king/queen/prince/princess falls in love with a common girl/boy or between themselves and they do the whole courting thing. I just love it. And the same thing with gods/and goddess falling in love.
  3. I’m not too deep of a reader when it comes to giving extremely good reviews or comparing a book to a movie/play.or another book. It doesn’t matter whether the book is based on such and such. For me each books is different and unique in his own way. I just cared about enjoying them and they follow logic paths but as you can see I’m also not to worry about this since I like paranormal love books. LOL
  4. Like I said before don’t expect from me a deep review about a certain book, most likely I will put mostly stuff that I enjoy and won’t give too much explanation about stuff I don’t like.



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