Evermore Review

Here you will find a review of each chapter of this series. There will be spoiler, so read at your own risk.

Chapter 1: So , I’m not feeling interested at all in the story yet… The beginning was a little disappointed but then again it was only like three short pages. We don’t get to know too much about our heroine or anybody important. Basically before she died or experience NDE “near death experience” she was a Mary Sue , a blonde varsity cheerleader super popular in school called Ever (I hate the name) , had lots of friends and a perfect family. A little boring if you ask me.

Also the writing style I find it a little childish or unnecessary on some paragraph like when she describes her friends face makes the sign of the devil and next to it the author writes (okay , it’s not really the sign of evil, it’s just something she made up)… What??? I think I’m capable of imaging which face she did we don’t need all the extra stuff.

Chapter 2: Wait a second, it’s just the first paragraph of the second chapter and I’m amazed in horror. So her teacher comes and present his future soul mate (not surprise) called Damen (weird name) and of course he send him to sit next to her and to share her book until he gets his copy. (why does this sound like something I read before?). Maybe the guy had his schedule already and knew which book to get and brought it. Okay, and she knows he is totally hot ( of course ) not by looking at him but because she hears what the girls in her class think of his physical trait. Girl, maybe Dame is their type and not yours (but of course we know he is) so maybe if you look at him he is not that hot according to your standards. Ever heard of variety in taste, maybe not this people in high school. So, everybody at school goes crazy after this guy and is all they talk about and her best friend Haven called dibs on him (how childish). Ever doesn’t want to look at him even thought they shared first and six period together and he park next to her (duh!). She finally looks at him , and yes you guessed it she basically falls in love at first sight and goes crazy about how handsome he is (rolling my eyes like the ninth time). Oh and did I forgot to mention he is special, well he doesn’t have aura and she can read his though. Wow Damen you really know how to be a mysterious man, want to keep things interesting for the girl.

Chapter 3: This is becoming painful to read. I felt chapter 3 was unnecessary. It doesn’t add anything relevant to the story. I get it she lives with her father’s twin female and she feels sorry for her because she has to take care of her. And she has a room with a big jacuzzi a TV flat, refrigerator, microwave,a huge bathroom, another flat TV, her own private game room, a wet bar, a dishwasher, stereo, couches tables and a balcony with a ocean view (ah?) and that’s all in her bedroom. Can the house also be floating in the sky please?. And she can talk and see her dead sister Riley which can go to any closet and stole people’s clothes and she has this gorgeous clothes (let me breath calmly) and when she ask for her parents her sister avoid the question. Am i the only one who is lost in space with a face of what-is-happening-and-will-it-get-better-or-worse? Can someone tell me, please, if this gets any better?


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