(Pharmacy) Drive-Thru : The Root Of All Evil

keep-calm-and-hate-drive-thru   So I work in a retail pharmacy for about two years now. Like many of us, we had no choice but start getting  experience at the bottom of the latter where nobody takes your side and you are not even consider to the most basic right which is RESPECT from your own specie. I have been two years working as a pharmacy tech and I am ready to move on. I can’t take it anymore. This is coming from a person who really doesn’t care what people think or say of me and I am very patient with rude ass**** costumers. I honestly don’t care about your problem. Why would I when I see how much you don’t care about it. At the end, we ALL hate drive-thru.

1. Convenience and Laziness ≠  faster : So, you decide to use the drive – thru cause you are a fucking lazy idiot and complain the drive is full and why is taking so long. May I remind you that our specie reproduced a bunch of idiots like you who also going on the drive with a bunch of problems. Chill out, just turn on the music on the radio, text someone or play video games until is your turn. Or get you ass out of the car and come inside where there is nobody and we have two workers helping patients instead of just one like in the drive.

2. You came after your are served after: So, I’m helping the first lane another car gets behind it, waits patiently for five minutes cause all problems comes through the drive and you go to the second line and push the button to be help, I will tell you: one moment. I’m waiting for the first car to leave to help the other car that was here BEFORE you and you press the button again. Guess what? you selfish asshole I will just tell you one moment or just let the phone ring. I don’t care. But you came after you are going to be serve after.

3. I TOLD YOU AN HOUR : Listen If I tell you the soonest I can have it will be in an hour don’t give me a dirty look or just ask: Is that the soonest you can have it? while putting an idiot face. And that’s while having 60 Rx’s to fill, 10 electronic Rx’s, our computers are down,we have two lines in the drive of about 8 cars and like 15 people in line in the front. So yes, that’s the soonest I can have it!!!

4. Can you call my doctor? : OK, in case you haven’t found out, you are taking your medicines for your HEALTH, get it?. If you don’t care of keeping track of when you will start running out of refills or what this med is for, or I don’t know which pill I am using for such and such.. Guess what? It is your HEALTH I will just care for it as much as you do. And no we don’t call doctors. We DON’T have their private phone number neither ,we are not fucking special to just get a line for ourselves when we called the doctor. We just send faxes, it is your responsibility to call, is your med. Plus if you will dedicate a time to your health perhaps you wouldn’t have run out of refills when you said : But I haven’t take it my med for two days what will a do?… Uhm, I don’t know stay another day without it then. And don’t come after 5 pm for us to send a fax, your doctor has a social life outside of work and by 4:55 pm is running out of his workplace.

5. The famous phrase : I want everything on my profile to be filed : And I love to say – Well do you need this losartan from two months ago? -No, I don’t need it my doctor replace it with amlodipine. -Oh, do you also need your nasal spray? – No, I will just order it whenever I need it cause I used only when is necessary and so on… Make your life easy, have a list of all the meds you take and hand out the list of all of the ones you want and keep it in a purse it’s going to be handy when you choke on your burger at MC Donald’s and we call the rescue.

6. Oh I just came three hours ago and you don’t have it filled when you told me it was going to be ready in an hour: When that happens I tell the patient that I am sorry and I will have the meds ready in two/three minutes, go back to the filling station and filled the meds. But you don’t need to give me that angry disgusted face at me. Shit that we didn’t predict happen, like it happens in your personal life too. No everyday everything goes as planned. Maybe we were under staff, our computers down, or a lot of moron came to make a scene at us, etc.

7. The I order my med three thousands moons ago whining : Listen you little princess, we will hold your med for SEVEN days. If you don’t come to pick it up we reserve the claim for your insurance cause it is fraud if we don’t do it and I bet you will come and start screaming at someone when the insurance tells you were charged for something you didn’t brought and on top of that you reached your gap.

8. The I need my medication(S) right now : Please refer to # 7 . On those seven days you didn’t need your med and all of a sudden now you need it. NO. I will tell you I can have ready in an hour. You come with a script or with a few of them dated when your grandma was born half an hour before closing and you need it now. COME BACK tomorrow or go to 24 hours store.

9. The I can’t hear you speak louder annoying look : The phone for the drive thru has a maximum volume, So you look at me super angry cause is the third time you ask me to scream my lungs out which will bother people on the store plus I will be violating HIPPA by telling the world you are picking up your valacyclovir. I asked you politely to turn off the car which is as fucking loud as your disgusting mouth. Then you get pissed off . I let you know is either that or come inside. Then all of a sudden you are able to hear me. How wonderful!

10. The I came first childish game : So I go to the drive and most of the time ask to the person in first lane who was first , somehow you both hear me yey HIPAA , and both raise your hand and tell me it was you. Then you both run to tell me is only one med with no copay and start arguing which transaction is faster. I DON’T CARE just choose who will go first. You both end up looking like kinder garden kids fighting for toys.

11. The I would not move from the drive until you/ I haven’t talk to my/your insurance : There is a company policy that says you cannot wait or call the insurance while in the drive. So if you tell in a rude manner ” I came now and you have to wait until I finish and I don’t care the are patients behind me “. My pleasure, I will call the manager on the front and he will let you know he will call the police. Then you MOVE your lazy ass.

12. The I will press my horn until I get to the window and tell you you should die cause OMG I commit a horrible crime : Listen you stupid, there is also no need to come and bang in the window like a maniac while you say a bunch of horrible things to me which I don’t hear cause I don’t pick up the phone. Then you got back to your car and press the horn for about three minutes. You sure know how to behave like a grown up adult. You just restore my faith in humanity. Guess what, that lady you see on the car when you came banging in my window, just said she is not going to move until she is done with her insurance call and gets all her meds. She loves coming at the last 10 minutes and give us the wrong insurance every time. And from now on if she doesn’t move we will call the police again. But then again is not my fault that when both of you came at 5 pm I told you guys to pick it up at 7 pm yet you wait until the last ten minutes to pick it up. Sorry not sorry.

13. The Synthroid brand and Levothyroxine generic : So, you get pissed off cause every time your doctor faxes the RX to us he wrote Substitution Allowed , and guess what? We will write it for generic unless you told us. If you let your doctor know you only want the brand instead of complaining to us the you don’t have to wait two minutes for us to change it and have it ready for you. I wonder how much you will have accomplish in your pathetic life by losing to minutes for your HEALTH.

14. The Why my copay is so high this time : One moment please let me get my crystal ball. Let see , maybe cause the med increase in price and you pay the difference in your copay, maybe cause one month of the year you pay your deductible through the copay of your med. LISTEN , don’t know ,don’t care… Call your insurance to find out they just give us the price that’s all we know.

15. The why you need to verify strength/dose and made me wait three days until you finally got a hold of my doctor : Well , they are many meds who come in different strength as well as different route of administration. We have to make sure what the doctor wants. You also know he prescribed you tablets and you come to the pharmacy to let us know you can’t take a tablet cause you can’t swallow it and you need it as soon as possible, but this med comes in too many routes of administration. And is not my fault that your doctor writes like a cave man from the dinosaur times and we don’t understand what he wrote. When you go to your doctor office take a look at your Rx does it look eligible for you. If not then ask him to write on computer or call or fax it to us.

16. The I have a coupon : So I let you know how much your copay is you give me your card I swiped it and give the receipt to you then you get a coupon out of your purse and tell me how much will be with it. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?. Did you forget when you came pick up your benicar of $ 50 dollars copay that if you had a coupon for it, since it is a med that most patient have coupon then you said no. Well I will let you know I will make the refund for you but that will take 5 minutes cause I need an override and the pharmacist is helping another patient. You throw a tantrum at me and I just laugh inside. Thank you for making your life miserable.

17. The brand/generic game again : I want the brand of that medication cause the generic doesn’t work for me. I will run it through your insurance and they either will no covered it and the price it’s super high or your copay will be $50 dollars. I tell you the generic is $5-10 dollars and all of a sudden the generic works just fine.

18. The I will keep pressing the button non-stop : So, you come at high speed in your car , still haven’t parked and your hand already pressed the drive through button. You didn’t care to see we were helping first lane, you didn’t care after the first lane there is another car that came BEFORE you, you didn’t care that we were helping the patients in the front who came BEFORE you and someone tells you to give us a moment we will be with you. You ring the FUCKING button again , again and again. In the end , we will help the seven people that came before you and you will have to wait cause we will touch your line on the phone , put the phone on the desk , put mute and let you keep hitting the button when in reality we can hear nothing. You ASS****.

I will keep updating according to what I remember and of course it also depends on the rudeness of my patients which without them this world will be a much better place.


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